We believe business is all about connected. It is the interaction with investor, management, customers that differentiate and personalized for every product. Whereas product, however great, is just a commodity.

We love to good engagement with investor, management, and customers. So we also believe that everyone is deserve to get a better serve every day.

Therefore everything we do, is all about helping our investor, management, and customers to improve connected with the product.

“Everyone may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel”

Our Services

Syavitra Investment

As a place to creative person, start up to get angel investor to make their dream come true and as a place to angel investor, to get creative business idea to invest

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Syavitra Consultant

We give our client the best strategies to increase their income by paid UMKM cost (Low Budget, High Impact)

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Syavitra Adscar

We give car advertising services and make your products, services and brand more engage to your customer

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Syavitra B2B Partnership

We have partnership with Gojek Indonesia – Gocar to provide car and drivers on 65 cities in Indonesia

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